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Happy Birthday Electric Blue!

A beautiful blue cover with the figure of a white robot-type man with his heart exposed in his chest…

Today is publication day for near-future romance-thriller Electric Blue!

Hephaestus Forge Biotech manufactures prosthetic limbs and bespoke organs, and is represented by double-leg amputee spokesmodel Cymbre Archer.

Yet a lifetime in the spotlight and wearing company tech has taken its toll on Archer, body and soul, and she's now addicted to painkillers and prone to violent outbursts.

"This book is absolute magic"

Then her assistant steals a robot from the company's labs and asks her to hide it. Blindsided when a living man arrives on her doorstep, Archer finds that Caelan brings with him an unexpected humanity – and the desperate need for a savior.

Archer's no hero, and though she's not the savior Cael needs, it turns out she's the best one he's got, in Sebastian Jack's novel – and Improbable Press' first novel out in paperback and hardback – Electric Blue is 20% off for one more day, sale ends August 22!