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Jack Brightside

Jack Brightside

Jack Brightside is an LGBT romance writer. Jack is a licensed psychotherapist who works as a trauma specialist, but his books have nothing to do with any of that.

Jack's hobbies include World War One reenactment and afternoon naps, often at the same time.

He's a chill guy making the most of late-stage capitalism in America. Find him on Instagram at JKBside, or at his very own website.

Pirate Booty is Jack's first novella with Improbable Press and it is completely crackers. Like…completely.

Praise for Jack Brightside

"Jack's unique style of writing and
creative world building is mesmerising"
— Bo Starsky

"Brightside has their own voice and they'll
take you to places you hadn't expected"
— J. Maxwell

"The voice of Brightside is so refreshing,
breathing new meaning into the ‘Pirate’s Life’"
—Timothy C.


Pirate Booty by Jack Brightside