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The Cryptids are Coming! Dark Cheer will soon be here!

Dark Cheer Cryptids Emerging Blue Silver

In just a day or two we'll be unveiling the covers of two books, both packed full of the dark cheer of cryptids emerging…from sea and silence, from wood and shadow, these anthologies are all about bigfoot and mermaids, tanukis, swamp monsters, and nix.

We're excited, we hope you're excited, and if you love griffins and gargoyles and creatures of all kinds you'll love Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging!

 Zoom, Skype, even in person in a library or bookstore(!), if you have a chance to do a live reading of your book – take it!

Not sure where to start or how to prepare? Have no fear, our very own G.V. Pearce has some easy-easy hints in 5 Quick Tips for a Live Reading of Your Book.