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A Study in Velvet and Leather

A Study in Velvet and Leather


Sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes should not have posed a problem for John Watson—after all, Watson is gay, Holmes is a woman, and the arrangement is financially convenient.

But when Holmes takes a complex case involving Irene Adler and a scandalous photograph, she turns to Watson for assistance.

The case leads them everywhere from the opera to a secret Victorian BDSM club, and Watson soon finds himself questioning his partnership with Holmes, his sexuality, and his understanding of himself, in K Caine's A Study in Velvet and Leather.

5-star praise for A Study in Velvet and Leather

"Loved it…Caine pulls the reader into this world with ease,
exploring the central relationships with deft precision."
-  Dee Smethers

"This book is a real gem…I was enthralled by the depiction of
Sherlock Holmes as a woman…the evolving dynamic of
the Holmes and Watson relationship is superbly depicted."

- Amazon Review

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