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A Galaxy of Gay Glories—May the Fourth Be With You

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Giving "LGBT Science Fiction = Ewww" The Middle FingerThere's lots of great art on Twitter today for Star Wars May the Fourth (Be With You) Day.

Good god I'm loving all of it.

Thank you BKD, and you A, also you J, and especially you over there who draws everyone in harem pants (I heart you so much), thank you for creating not only wonderful art but wonderful queer art for today.

Whether your wonderful work has a kissing Kylo Ren and General Hux, whether your drawing Rey and Rose Tico, or Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're drawing a galaxy of glories and I am endlessly grateful.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Published
Speak For Yourself…Speak. For. Yourself

One reason for that—other than your scintillating, sexy work—is that I appreciate the representation in that work. Because as anyone with a set of robust brain cells knows, everywhere there are humans there are LGBT+ humans. Everywhere. Forever. Since time began.

Anyone who thinks including LGBT humans in storytelling is a political agenda must by their very nature also think writing about people with gray hair, green eyes, or alto singing voices is also boo-hoo political because these are some of the varieties in which humans come.


Rock People and LGBT Science Fiction

Rock people is what I've decided to call the jerks who wrote comments on artists' Twitters today, riveting comments about queer sci-fi art like 'eww' or 'you're ruining Star Wars.'

These people clearly live beneath rocks and they're welcome to these dark nests forever times infinity amen. No one needs them involved in polite society.


Small publishers like Improbable Press? We need you.

We Need Your Queer Speculative Fiction Stories

Insert gimme hands here; that's us. 

We want your gay space generals, your bisexual robots, we want your asexual space ships and pansexual aliens. However you queer speculative fiction, that's what we want.

We want great adventure stories and we want to be part of raising your voice, in helping you shout loud enough that even those living under rocks understand that everywhere they will ever go there are LGBT+ people. Gay or ace or black or disabled people having time travel, intergalactic, alien adventures because guess what? Millions of human beings are right this moment gay or ace or black or disabled and their stories are not ewww, they're amazing.

Bet your story is, too.

Read Improbable Press' submission guidelines and if you think we and thee can work together, send us your novel, novella, graphic novel. Have questions? There's an email address on that page; send those questions and I'll get 'em.

Do it. Send your work to us. Give the 'ewww' people a semi-polite middle finger.

And May the Fourth be with you. Always.

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