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Events @ Improbable Press

7-8 October 2023

Improbable Press' commissioning editor Atlin Merrick will be hosting panels at Geek Girl Con in Seattle. We hope to meet as many of you there as possible!

29 September 2022

We've closed our call for submissions on Anna Karenina Isn't Dead – and received over 220+ stories! The anthology is due to publish January 2024. Thank you to every writer!

2 April 2022

We've announced our call for submissions on Anna Karenina Isn't Dead and are delighted by the number of submissions coming in.

1 May 2021

We'll close our call for submissions on Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging on 1 May 2021. We'll announce our shortlist of writers after that date as possible.

March 2021

In March Improbable Press' big 'event' will be converting to a US-based website, so all prices will be in US dollars and – the tough one for IP's editor who is from the US but has lived overseas for ten years – we'll be converting to American spelling, too. Z returns! The extra U goes away! Centre becomes center!

Minds reels. Our British authors and artists sit in the corner and cry.

August 2020

The best news for these days is that there's not much news, so while we're hoping things are steady for you, we're letting you know they're steady for us.

Something we want to highlight right now is that we're really looking for books, so if you're looking for motivation to send one — consider this it! Before you do, have a close look at our submission guidelines. If your book or novella suits what we're looking for, consider this your August challenge: Send us your book pitch!

March 2020

We'd like to host an ongoing, online event on Skype — join us to chat about writing, publishing, creating. Drop Atlin a request at and be part of the chat.

We'd love to stay in touch other ways too, so feel free to email us, or leave a comment on our blog, which we update several times a week.

Thank you and take good care.

12 Feb 2020

Improbable Press has launched a tiny come hither: we call them 'picture prompts' and we'll publish them weekly and encourage you to take part.

How do you do that? Follow the writing prompt link and every Thursday we'll present a new prompt to inspire your writing. If you're doubly inspired, you'll post what you write in the comments below the prompt.

Here's the inaugural writing prompt!

21 Jan 2020

2020 is here and IP greets it with the business of blogging. We've got a lot to talk about on Improbable Press' blog and we want to hear from you too. If you'd love to guest blog with us, come talk to Atlin Merrick! You'll also see Atlin popping up in Clan Destine Press' blog, too.

13 October 2019

Octocon has Come!

Improbable Press' commissioning editor Atlin Merrick was at Octocon in Dublin Ireland 13 October! Atlin took part in panels discussing writing, publishing, genre fiction, and erotica, too.

Octocon is a tiny science fiction convention but like most genre cons, it's welcoming to all fiction and film lovers, so if you've not been to a convention and want to get your feet wet, try tiny. Like Octocon in Ireland, where you'll meet fandom folks, writers, and editors like Atlin—who is happy to answer your questions about getting published!


21 September 2019

Free Writing Workshop in Ringwood

Narrelle M Harris

A Ringwood weekend!

Narrelle M Harris, writer of eleven books, including The Adventure of the Colonial Boy and A Dream to Build a Kiss On for Improbable Press, ran the "Finding your Voice - telling the stories that the ‘younger you’ needed to hear" workshop.

This event was for the Writing the Rainbow Festival at Realm, it was free, and everyone was invited — after booking online.


15-19 August 2019

Dublin Conference Centre

IP attended Worldcon2019 in Dublin, Ireland, a 5-day extravaganza of readers, writers, publishers in just about every genre. Atlin Merrick and Narrelle M Harris were on panels, attended panels, ate a great deal of sugar, and at least one of them cosplayed as Anthony J Crowley.

While it can be overwhelming, Improbable Press highly encourages readers and writers to attend such conventions to meet tons of like minds!


28-29 June 2019

Fan Studies Network

The Fan Studies Network holds conferences in several countries, IP attended the Portsmouth England fan studies conference 28 & 29 June 2019, and was gratified to learn that studying fandom is cool and can get you your PhD.

Find out more about the Fan Studies Network and look for a conference in your area: highly recommended.