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Happy 164th Birthday Arthur Conan Doyle!

Arthur Conan Doyle would be 164 years old on May 22 and we are grateful to all the words he shared with us during his career.

While he wrote much – sixteen novels and many, many short stories – Arthur is probably best known for his fifty-six short stories and four novels about Sherlock Holmes.

And, as Improbable Press began life as a Sherlock Holmes publisher, we want to celebrate this part of Arthur's legacy by taking 22% off our eleven Sherlock Holmes novels and novellas in both paperback and ebook!

Our Holmesian-inspired works include, in order of publication from most recent:

These books go from a novel in which Sherlock is a hallucination (kinda) in A Case of Madness, to lyrical novellas told 221 words at a time in Rare and Wonderfully Made, The Watches of the Night, A Question of Time, and A Dream to Build a Kiss On.

Then there's the eerie tale told in the novel Ghost Story; a modern-day mystery novel in The Case of the Misplaced Models; and a canon-period novel set in Australia with The Adventure of the Colonial Boy.

There's also three collections of short stories in A Murmuring of Bees, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Day They Met and Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met.

Mix-and-match whichever novels, novellas, and collections intrigue you, in paperback and ebook (ePub or Kindle/mobi), and for the next 36 hours (until 5pm New York time), they are all 22% off to celebrate Arthur's birthdate of May 22 (the discount applies itself automatically at checkout).

We hope you enjoy any and all the books you may buy and if that's not in the cards for today, you can find Arthur's work in beautiful collections in just about any bookshop, as well as free ebooks and audiobooks of some of his out-of-copyright stories at

Please allow 3-6 weeks for paperback delivery.

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