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The Other Olivia: Happy Publication Day!

The Other Olivia by Tamara M Bailey

We're excited that today marks the official publication date of Tamara M Bailey's first adult novel, the wonderful near-future thriller The Other Olivia.

For Olivia Alexander (nee Sharp) the biggest problem is discovering her husband’s affair.

Then a stranger accosts her on the street warning, "Don't sign anything." When Olivia reluctantly follows his advice, everything starts to fall apart. Suddenly assassins, safe houses, and ruthless global corporations are her new reality, and she's running for her life.

In a virtual world unknown to Olivia, Livvie Sharp's partner goes missing, someone tries to kidnap her little girl, and now she too is on the run as someone hunts her. Someone who knows everything about her. Someone using her loved ones as weapons to bring her down.

Then Livvie meets the other Olivia, in Tamara M Bailey's techno thriller, and near future novel The Other Olivia.

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