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Strangest Day So Far

Strangest Day So Far


"I loved reading this book."

Life-changing injuries, a shared hospital room, a monster at the door – can you think of a better way to fall in love?

In GV Pearce's Strangest Day So Far, Ronan Cox sets aside his peculiar past to pursue a military career. Then he's shot down over an Iraq desert, meets an eldritch being, and wakes up in an American hospital.

Byron Slain, aka Benjamin Williams, aka the tattooed, pierced pretty boy in the bed beside Ronan's, has his own strange story, but no time to tell it when a clawed cryptid comes scratching at their hospital door.

It's then things start getting really strange in Strangest Day So Far, the first in the Eldritch Roads series by GV Pearce, author of Ghost Story.

Take a peek inside Strangest Day So Far.

5-Star Praise for Strangest Day So Far

"A fast read, engrossing, and very funny"
Connie Jo

"Ended up finishing it without putting it
down once. I was riveted"
Ali Coyle

"I just finished this, I was absolutely addicted"

"The story grips you from the start, and what a hell of a start it is…
Big beefy guy in the bed next to you with more tattoos
than manners? Sexy. Big scary monster prowling the
hospital corridors? Not before coffee, please"
Božena Čechalová

"My only complaint, I have to wait for the next
book to find out even more about these
captivating and hilarious characters!"

"Cryptids, family drama, very funny, moments
of horror and love. So good. Can’t wait
for more from GV Pearce
Narrelle M Harris

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