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Sneak Peek: Strangest Day So Far

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Strangest Day So Far by GV Pearce
A hot flush of embarrassment washed over Ronan when he realized he’d been caught staring, though the other man didn’t seem to mind.
In fact, when he finally made eye contact it was to wink.
He seemed to be wearing smudged eyeliner despite the bruising across much of his face. Ronan couldn’t tell whether it had been added after the fact or just never washed away.
He looked thirty-something and his eyes were the warmest shade of brown Ronan had ever seen.
The blush returned for a second wave – he’d gone from staring at this stranger’s chest to staring into his eyes.
“Well, someone was singing out of tune,” Ronan snapped, trying to hide his embarrassment with anger.
Abruptly the man laughed, deep, loud, and unrepentant except for a small wince when his bandages pulled at his healing wounds. Despite that flash of pain his face almost glowed with his amusement. If Ronan had thought he was good looking before, he was stunning now.
God, what a prick, Ronan thought, why did he have to be stuck in a room with someone this beautiful and annoying?
“Aww you think I’m a beautiful prick?” the man crowed, laughing again in a way that made Ronan wonder what medication he was taking. “Wait ‘til you see my cock!”
Oh no.

G.V. Pearce: Strangest Day So Far begins with, well, a very strange day. What follows is our protagonist, Ronan, meeting an unusual man under difficult circumstances. I wanted to give you all a taste of the book that showcases the personalities of our two main characters without giving away too much of the plot. Above is the moment when Ronan meets Byron with just as much context as the reader – almost none at all.

Byron is larger than life, in more ways than one, but Ronan can give just as good as he gets, even when he’s just woken up from a general anaesthetic. Which is fortunate because things are only going to get weirder from here on out.

Strangest Day So Far is a story about finding love and acceptance while learning to live with trauma, disabilities, and the supernatural. Because nothing is ever as simple as it first appears, but we can get through anything with the right person at our side.

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