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The Stag God

The Stag God


In the first novella of J.O. Phael's Caradoc & Henshall supernatural mysteries, former detective Brodie Henshall's Scotland getaway turns into a literal disaster when an earthquake hits the Isle of Skye – crumbling the famous Old Man of Storr right on top of a stranger.

Who turns out to have been dead before the massive rock fell.

Brodie teams up with local detective Mathias Caradoc, and together they investigate an ever-growing series of supernatural happenings, and start to fall for each other.

Beset by new visions, old witchcraft, and strange phenomena, Henshall and Caradoc must solve a mystery, watch each other's backs, and, ultimately, face the Stag God.

(Psst, while he's not looking, take a sneak peek inside The Stag God.)


Praise for The Stag God

"I really enjoyed the diverse cast of characters…
Gleefully anticipating further adventures of
Caradoc & Henshaw!"
—  Merlin513

"I enjoyed this one from start to finish,
and then turned around and read it again!"
Altocello, Goodreads

"Partly police drama, partly supernatural
mystery and partly a slow, careful love story…
A great choice for an afternoon’s read"
Ali Coyle

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