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J.O. Phael

Writer J.O. Phael

When not writing, novelist J.O. Phael enjoys piloting his steampunk airship, and continuing his glorious quest for Divine Nonchalance. While his whereabouts are hitherto unknown, he’s said to be looking at relocating to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands as soon as possible.

The Stag God is his first in a series of supernatural mystery novellas with Improbable Press, each featuring detectives Mathias Caradoc and Brodie Henshall.


Praise for The Stag God

"Gleefully anticipating further adventures
of Caradoc & Henshaw
—  Merlin, Goodreads

"A cracking good read"
Altocello, Goodreads

The Stag God, a novella of the gods, by author J.O. Phael