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A Murmuring of Bees

A Murmuring of Bees


Think of Sherlock Holmes and you think of mysteries, John Watson...and bees.

While Arthur Conan Doyle sent the great detective to tend hives in retirement, here bees are front and centre in stories of love and romance, war and hope, of honey on the tongue and a sting in the tail.

In tales of rare nectars, secret diaries, and the private language of lovers, bees may be the buzzing heart of the story...or as ephemeral as a murmur. What you'll find in every tale are John Watson and Sherlock Holmes helping one another, wanting one another, loving one another. 

Writers in A Murmuring of Bees include:

* Amy L Webb
* Anarion
* Atlin Merrick
* Brittany Russ
* Darcy Lindbergh
* Elinor Gray
* Hallie Deighton
* Jamie Ashbird
* Janet A-Nunn
* Kerry Greenwood
* Kim Le Patourel
* Kimber Camacho
* Lucy Jarsdell
* Meredith Spies
* Morgan Black
* Narrelle M Harris
* Poppy Alexander
* Stacey Albright
* Tessa Barding
* Verena
* Verity Burns

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