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Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue)

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue)


"A smorgasbord of delightfully-creepy tales
full of wonder and weirdness.
They're all my favourites"
Kerry Greenwood

Tales for those who never outgrew goosebumps.

Here are stories for lovers of chupacabras and hulders, griffins and gargoyles.

Here be darkly cheery tales of ancient creatures beneath still waters, in the attic, or the shadows right by the bed.

Herein an autistic hiker meets a cryptid who wants her camera; a Japanese tanuki seeks his fox daughter; and two women fall in love, never mind one's a swamp monster.

Here be stories of changelings, nix, and demons adopted, of hungry kraken and cryptids we'd see if only, if only we looked into treetops, behind doors, or in our own back gardens.

Here there be monsters.

Thank all the gods.


With more than 40 stories, and 350+ pages, Volume Blue (followed by Volume Silver) is edited by Atlin Merrick and includes tales by:

• Alicia K Anderson: Special Interest
• Ali Coyle: Dancing In The Shallows
• Aubrey Zahn: Cursebreaker
• Bailey Baker: The Name Of The River
• B.C. Fontaine: Stitches
• B.F. Vega: Give A Fish A Man
• Bo Starsky: Alfhild
• Brett Stanfill: Raising Thom
• Carman Curton: Caution!; The Price of Everything
• Ceallach Declare: A Place Where Wings Can Spread
• Cheryl Sonnier: Investigating The Sea-Hag Menace
• Christoph Weber: Hunting El Chupacabra
• Dan Fields: Halyards Of Black And Silver
• David M Donachie: The Changeling
• D. Valentina: Resurrection
• Dannye Chase: The Enfield Monster
• E. Saxey: Bird, Dust, Wine
• Emmie Christie: The Mechanic
• Frances Ogamba: Tree People
• Frank Oreto: The Worms Turn
• Griffin Raynor: A Heavy Hug
• Irene Touissant: Coming Up From The Wilderness
• James Dick: Paper Mite Revolution
• Jeanne Moran: The Spouses' Club
• Joanna Gerberding: What We Become
• Joyce Frohn: Vengeance Is 9
• Kaitee Yaeko Tredway: Slide
• Kasper D. P. Wildwood: More Precious Than Gold
• Laura Simons: Home
• Maggie Damken: Promises To Keep
• Mara Lynn Johnstone: Bedroom Shadows
• Mariah Barkovitz: Caution!
• Narrelle M Harris: The Volcano And The Butterfly
• Rachel Johnson: In The Woods, A Soft And Tender Thing
• Rhian Bowley: Pebble-mouth
• R.J.K. Lee: Stone Shaper Tanukis Estranged
• Ryan Breadinc: Brave
• Sherri Cook Woosley: Gargoyles In Prague
• Tamara M Bailey: Ghosts In The Forest
• Theresa Tyree: Will-O-The-Wisp
• Tony Rauch: The The Goombees: Are Moving In Down The Block
Zanne Suter: Thicker Than Water

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Speculative fiction, LGBTQIA+,
BIPOC, disability, urban fantasy

Praise for Dark Cheer Volume Blue!

"Beautifully fascinating"

"Time for perhaps my first effusive review of the year!
Five solid stars to Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging"

"Sometimes hopeful, sometimes terrifying, sometimes thrilling
and always dark and beautiful. I cannot wait
for the second volume to be released"
Stacy Lawhorne

"I LOVED this book!!! I loved the 'what if'... of it"

"Every single story in this anthology pulls its weight
…perfect for anyone who grew up loving
Tales from the Crypt or Goosebumps"
Noelle Ihli

"The anthology lives us to its title.
It's horror and it's cheerful. Enjoyable creepy read"
—  Darth Breather

"A great collection of stories, featuring
an enormous variety of cryptid"
Dawn Vogel

"The anthology is awesome.
Every story gripped me"
–  Ali Coyle

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