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A Question of Time

A Question of Time


Sherlock Holmes

whether a grimy student in 1980, a consulting detective in 47BCE, or a smitten neighbour in 1969, will always find his

John Watson
whether he is a military doctor in 1917, an angry Saxon with an axe in 1086, or a priest in 1603.

A Question of Time is an illustrated journey through the ages told by our heroes, by their friends, by a scorched manuscript — and by the words of Jamie Ashbird and the illustrations of Janet Anderton.


Praise for A Question of Time

"Jamie Ashbird's stories are fascinating…"
Rohase Piercy

"When I read the description for this book, 221B stories
(each 221 words and ending with a word starting with a B)
…I grossly underestimated the level of imagination
and artistry that went into this book."
Sarah Tollok

"I love all these mini-stories and the accompanying
drawings that are an integral part of them…
in turn sweet and funny and hot."
Claudia, Goodreads

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