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Jamie Ashbird

Jamie Ashbird

Jamie Ashbird is author of A Question of Time, a novella with illustrations by Janet Anderton

She had her very first published story, a 221B, included in the Improbable Press anthology A Murmuring of Bees.

Jamie is a polymath (because she likes that word) and a writer (because she says so) who haunts Melbourne and its northern surrounds.

You can find Jamie Ashbird checking under mushrooms for fairies, coveting moss, staring at sky kittens (clouds), squinching her eyes shut as she walks past a book shop, adding more projects to her pile of craft ideas, learning Norwegian for when she retires there as a small troll in the woods, and doing her gosh-darn best not to eat ice-cream.

Praise for Jamie Ashbird

"Jamie Ashbird's stories are fascinating…"
Rohase Piercy

A blue cover with the drawing of a bee for A Murmuring of Bees