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Anna Karenina Isn't Dead

Anna Karenina Isn't Dead


Welcome to the rewritten lives of
thirty-two literary legends

From Russia's Anna Karenina to Vietnam's Lady Trieu, from Cio-Cio-San to Frankenstein's second creature, suffering, madness, or death is the fate of far too many women in classic literature. Anna Karenina Isn't Dead undoes that.

In this anthology of literary women, these women live. Do they have a happily ever after? You'll see. Do they have a happy-right-now? Oh yes.

These are the reimagined tales of the famous, the infamous, the barely mentioned women in myths, poems, and legends. These are the stories of the Lady in Black, Wendy Darling, Dido, and many more, each getting a better journey than the one she originally got.

Here Anna Karenina and her literary kin are not dead. Very far from it.

Anna Karenina Isn't Dead, edited by Atlin Merrick, with magnificent cover artwork by Claudia Caranfa contains tales by:

Ali Coyle (The Magician's Children)
Ann S Epstein (Snappily Ever After)
Aparna Kapur (My Gratitude Journal)
Ari Ochoa Contreras (A Heart Of Stained Glass)
Béatrice De Charmoy (Lilac)
Ceallach Stevens (This Pyre Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us)
Christina Ladd (Lady Godiva In The Garden)
Dana M. Evans (Annabelle Lee Escaped The Sea)
Dannye Chase (Love Knot)
George Ivanoff (My Last Duke)
Jack Fennell (The Leopard Queen)
Jesse Friend (There Was An Old Woman)
J.M. Cyrus (A Call To Arms)
Jonathan Titchenal (Her Holiness)
Joseph S. Walker (Unintended)
Kenzie Lappin (And Wendy)
Lena Ng (Made For A Monster)
Melissa Coffey (The Price For Fire)
Miranda Jubb (Beyond The Wall(Paper))
Narrelle M Harris (Metamorphosis)
Nelly Shulman (Madame)
Nhu Le (Three Make A Tiger)
Patsy Pratt-Herzog (Sweet Everything's)
Sadie Fox Curtis (Helen Highwater)
Samir Sirk Morató (Gorgoneion Knot)
Sheryl Clough (Limits Of Perfection—Remembering Mrs. Cleaver)
SM Lawson (Dancing By The Red Sea)
Stacy Bierlein (The Story Of A Future)
Stephen D. Rogers (Greater Expectations)
Tansy Rayner Roberts (Cassandra Gets A Future)
Yvonne Knop (To The Editor Of The Strand Magazine)
Zachary Rosenberg (That Which Yields)

978-1-922904-69-0 (paperback)
978-1-922904-70-6 (ebook)
(hardback through online sellers)

Praise for Anna Karenina Isn't Dead

"How wonderful it is to meander through the pages of
this anthology, seeing female literary legends…
becoming principals in their own stories"

"I truly enjoyed this book!!! I was by turns amazed, surprised,
and once even a little shocked (but in a good way)"

"A female feast…’s hard to stop at just one [story].
I ate the whole thing in one sitting
Ann S. Epstein

"The women live. And thrive…It's the least they deserve"

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