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"gripped me from the first page"

Ever wonder if you're who you're really supposed to be? In these three tales of queer romance and adventure, you'll find people becoming their truest selves.

Eighteen-year-old Tuli is a student desperate for independence. Protected by her mother, then helped by her exciting new friend Rishona, Tuli learns she can shape-shift into a flying, fire-breathing dragon.

Alex is a skeptical paranormal researcher who debunks hauntings – until he uncovers a chilling secret about the local manor, encounters an impossibly real ghost named Griffin, then fights an old, old evil to save the handsome specter's soul.

Robbie has aspirations of adventure far above his station, especially for someone people see as a scullery maid. He meets Selene, a young noblewoman, doing all she can to delay a wedding she doesn't want.

With the help of friends and even a few enemies, Robbie, Alex, and Tuli will find love, overcome expectations, and at last become who they were always meant to be in Ali Coyle's Chrysalides.

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Praise for Chrysalides

"a gripping, sensitive and uplifting triptych of
fantastical queer stories…affirming and sweet"

"I strongly recommend this collection to anyone,
especially those who feel a stirring in their heart
to let their true selves emerge"

"a delightful trio of stories sure
to warm your heart whether you love
fantasy, supernatural or historical fiction"
G.V. Pearce

"a triptych of eloquently narrated tales
…at times I was on the edge of my seat"
Lorna Gold

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