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Ali Coyle

Writer Ali Coyle, a white person with long gray hair, they are wearing a black shirt, black-framed glasses and looking at the camera

Ali is a science educator by day, a fiction writer by night, and has been an unapologetic daydreamer since birth.

Whilst studying physics at university, Ali chose to interpret the “scientists can’t write” stereotype as a personal challenge and has been writing down their daydreams ever since, with some of those daydreams leading to Ali's triptych of novellas, Chrysalides, which publishes with Improbable Press in 2023.

Chrysalides tells the tales of eighteen-year-old Tuli, who learns she has the genetic ability to shape-shift into a flying, fire-breathing dragon; the story of paranormal debunker Alex, who uncovers a chilling secret about the local manor house and then saves a young man's soul; and Chrysalides shares the journey of Robbie and Selene, stablehand and noblewoman, and how they overcome expectations for their chance at a better future.

Ali has also written "Dancing in the Shallows" for Improbable Press' anthology Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue), and has an extensive back-catalogue of fanfiction as Rudbeckia on AO3.

Ali can also be found on Twitter @alicoylewrites, and on Wordpress.