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The Truth Is… (Writing Prompts)

Atlin Merrick Writing Prompts

The first in a series of writing prompts for your inspiration, shared every Thursday.

Feel free to share anything at all, fandom, original, a poem, an ode, whatever you're inspired, share in the comments below (moderated to control the bots), or just run off into a meadow and together you and the pic can share your love in the sunshine. Or! Even better! Take it and build something from it on AO3 or in your writing workshop or wherever!

Either. Or. All? All is good.

Shall we begin?

The Truth Is…Picture Prompt

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  • Atlin on

    Yes Daisy, you’re doin’ it right. Woohoo!

  • DaisyChainz on

    The truth was . . . He had taken his time getting here, done it right. Not ‘by the book’, per say, but right. Did that make him the villain? Perhaps. Certainly to those that thought they should be where he was right now. Those that were not as dedicated, or single-minded, or lucky. Although he had left little to luck. And that far-thinking determination had gotten him there crown, while they were left under his boot heel.

    (Am I doing this right?? I hadn’t seen this before but 💜💜💜💜💜)

  • Atlin on

    ANARION WHAT THE FECK? Verity and I got goosebumps.

  • Anarion on

    (I’m having a darkish day, so have a darkish drabble)

    The truth is that for once I don’t want to be the one who is accommodating and generous, who tip-toes and who steps back for the sake of others.

    For once I want everything, the title and the crown, and I don’t want to wait, I won’t go slowly.

    Maybe for once I want to be the villain.

  • Atlin on

    throws glee confetti at Gemini Jones

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