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All It Takes… (Writing Prompts)

Atlin Merrick Writing Prompts

I gotta start writing for these too sometime maybe possibly I hope, but in the meantime…tell me a story?

Writing Prompts Are Up Every Thursday…

…so please take part, write for any fandom, any original story you have, just find the inspiration to put words down. Maybe you'll build on them later for a fic or a book you're working on, maybe they'll be teeny vignettes that live here only—whatever makes you happy.

And if you love this prompt, check below for more, or just click on the writing prompt link at the top here to see 'em all.

All It Takes (Picture Prompt)

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  • Rudbeckia on

    She leaned in and red, red lips almost kissed the microphone. Startling green eyes outlined in smoke met mine across the hazy room. The fine, black arcs of her eyebrows raised, and my chest tightened.

    The air stilled in my lungs. My legs doubted their strength. My heartbeat waited to hear her sing again.

    Her eyes kept mine captive and my lips mirrored hers as she sang words I knew so well. Her voice seeped through my skin, into my capillaries and veins, entered my heart and made it race. This sweetest of poisons would kill me if I could not have more.

    Our song ended and she smiled at me, ruby parting to show pearl.
    I smiled back and I knew I would live.

  • Anarion on

    They warned me. Leaving the planet was dangerous. What if you don’t come back? What if your spaceship crashes? What if you get sucked out into space? What if you get eaten by some weird alien?

    I didn’t listen. My spaceship didn’t crash. I did not get sucked out into space. I did not get eaten by an alien, weird or not. Leaving the planet turned out to be dangerous for a completely different reason.

    Again, I was warned. All it would take was that first physical contact.

    Again, I didn’t listen. I reached out and I touched you when you offered. And they were right. It is singing in my blood right now, the siren song of your venom. Addictive and deadly, like a drug.

    We both know it will kill me one day. Yet neither of us is willing to stop. Who will lose more in the end? We don’t talk about it much, there really is no point. But I know, I’d rather die by your kiss than remain unkissed by you for the rest of my life.

    I watch you while you sleep, watch your scales changing colour as you dream. Are you dreaming of me?

  • Atlin on

    I swear to all that is luscious and inspired that this is my new favourite thing, these stories. Chocolamousse, Kyndall, Gower, Honeyed Moon…thank you for these beauties!

  • The Honeyed Moon on

    Pain flowed like a red river from her mouth; a freshet of misery poured out onto the stage and splattered onto the audience, covering them with invisible gore. Every lyric of the song was heavy with anger and venom. This siren didn’t come to soothe with her voice. She came to exorcise her demons on an unwitting crowd.

    (This prompt brought me a mental picture of Phasma as a singer in a Jazz-era speakeasy. Statuesque in a glittering silver sheath gown, platinum blonde hair shinning in a single spotlight, and haloed in smoke. Cross Phasma and at best you’ll be eviscerated in song, at worst you’ll end up in pieces in a muddy ditch somewhere.)

  • 72gowerstreet on

    Two unearthly creatures, held in the dark too long, spot an opportunity for freedom:
    “We can do this-if we’re swift…”
    Firesong slumped to the ground. “Go. I have no more strength to lend…”
    Night wing hauled him up by the armpits with brutal tenderness. “I didn’t survive this hole for years, only to watch you fade before me. Lean on me and take a breath. All it takes is one….”
    “And if we fail?”
    “Remember my skin oozes venom when challenged. The guards will never know what hit them…Ready?”
    “Then open your lungs, my dear fire siren. Your song will lead them to their deaths…”

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