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Two Ways to Make Your First Writing Sale

Atlin Merrick Help for Writers Publishing Tips for Selling Your Writing

You’ve written tens of thousands of words of short stories, fanfiction, character development, and you want to sell something damn it. Obviously you’re already a writer — you write, so that makes you a writer, that's the rules — but now you want to be a professional. A professional is paid to write. Even if she makes £1 she’s a pro. She was paid. So, how do you do it, how do you make that first sale? I know it seems hard (it did to me), because you get a lot of rejections or just silence (which is worse? Is...

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Write About Anything, Write It Right Now

Atlin Merrick Help for Writers Shouty Encouragement

Write About Anything, Write It Right <em>Now</em>

The day Improbable Press published A Murmuring of Bees I kind of had a conniption fit on our blog. That moment went something this, only these words below are amended to be even more shouty. Um, I mean encouraging. Write. Write. Please write. Write right now. There are a million things you could do instead that do mostly nothing for you. Watch TV. Scroll Tumblr. Be afraid. It's that last one that's the most damaging. Because unlike those others which sometimes rob you of time, being afraid robs you of courage and of hope. And fear doesn't give anything back,...

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Writing process? Um…what?

Atlin Merrick Help for Writers

By Atlin Merrick "What’s your process?"What’s my……what?If anyone’s ever asked you this question, about how you go about writing, and then took a minute from their so-busy lives to tell you a ‘better’ way, may I kindly suggest you ignore the right royal hell out of them?Because if you’re getting words on the page, your process is aces.Me, I go to cafes. I’ve written hundreds of articles in cafes. I’ve written two books in cafes. When a cafe gets noisy with someone tap-tap-tapping at a glass with their spoon or a child is weeping as if their hair is on...

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