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The Secret Truth About Fic Tropes (Spoiler: They're Terrific!)

Do this:

Ignore anyone who doesn’t like what you like. Ignore ‘em.

Because there are seven billion people on this planet and about the only thing we’ll all agree on is the human need for food, water, and air. Beyond that it’s a crap shoot.

This by way of saying that when it comes to fic tropes there will always be people who think they’re lame, over-used, lazy.


Let those folks go off and enjoy something edgy. You? Me? We can happily settle down with a beloved coffee shop fic, a college AU, or whatever the ever it is we love. That’s what today’s writing newsletter Spark is about: Tropes—why we love 'em, what we love, and just how much there is to love. Read on in IP's Spark newsletter!

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