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Writer, Recharge Thyself

Atlin Merrick Shouty Encouragement

Along with writing for a living, in the last nine years I've written nearly a million words of fanfic and two books. I love writing, I love it, I love it with shouty fire.


Sometimes I just want to drop-kick my laptop out the window, shouting obsenities after it.

The feeling is not unfamiliar, so I know that when it comes, so shall it go. I've also learned what to do in the meantime.

Turning Turtle: Recharging My Creativity

* Saturday's Become Sacrosanct

I turn turtle to recharge, booking nothing on Saturday that I can book some other day. Then I watch TV, hang out with people I love, read lusty fanfiction, answer comments, Skype with friends.

* Stay in my Jim-Jams

The symbolic "laziness" of wearing pajamas for most of the day relaxes my brain, getting me to a restful mental space quicker.

* Read My Own Work

I'm one of the lucky writers who likes her own stories, so sometimes I reread them to understand that, well, I did it before, I can do this again.

* Or Sometimes I Read Nothing

On the other hand, I find reading great fiction can make me doubt the strength of my own skills, so I'll just…not. No fic, no print books, no reading. Just…just a lot of Great British Bake Off. Like so much GBBO.

What're your strategies?

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