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You Can Pee a Rainbow

Stuff Sherlock would know

So, here's the thing about Improbable Press' blog. It's going to be anything, everything, but never nothing. Book reviews that'll tingle your Sherlock writer/readers senses. Editorial opinions on All Teh Things. Calls for submissions.

And pee.

Well, not just pee, but weird stuff like pee and the rainbow colors in which it can come.

Because you can pee blue if you take certain supplements, pee purple if your kidneys are out of whack, and you know what? That's just strange and interesting and you also know what? Who's to say Sherlock or John wouldn't know this unusual fact and through it solve a crime?

Which is to say we hope this blog will inspire fic, fact, inspire you to read or write or share, so today I offer and ask. Offer one of the most crazy-pants thing I've learned in researching odd-duck Sherlock stuff, and in return I ask: Now can it be your turn?

Leave a comment about something ridiculous-amazing-eye-widing-gross that you've discovered. Give us a link. Incite in us a teeny brain riot. Wave your fact freak flag and shout, "Here! Here is my bizarre nugget of creepy gold, make what you will of it!"

So mine is about wee and how you really can pee red and orange and green and blue and some of those color aren't as scary and some aren't that great and if this strange bit of business inspires something in your beautiful brain go forth and, um, let yourself go.

* Pee a Rainbow: Scientist Snaps Shot of Colorful Urine
* Urine Color Causes: Mayo Clinic
* 26 reasons your pee may have an abnormal color

Photo credit: Heather West

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