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Elena Moroz

Elena Moroz was born in Kaliningrad, but since early childhood has been living in Samara.

Elena always wanted to become an artist and studied at an art school, but her parents did not approve of her choice and insisted she enter a medical university. Elena graduated from the university with honors, and even studied for a year in a residency in the specialty of pharmacist, but she always knew that this was not her fate.

Then Elena got married, gave birth to a daughter, and for many years worked with her husband in a small company engaged in the design of exhibitions and museum expositions, painted, sewed historical costumes, made dolls and decorations.

Now Elena is a widow, draws illustrations, sews costumes for cosplay, and is fond of knitting amigurumi at her leisure.

Postcards from a City of Monsters, a kids' book about childhood cancer, is Elena's first book with Improbable Press.

a night-blue cover showing an 11 year old boy stepping through a closed window toward a black gargoyle awaiting him