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Kameo Llyn Douglas

Kameo Llyn Douglas author photo

Kameo Llyn Douglas (Kristine Polisciano) began writing professionally at the age of 55, thanks to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

As a special educator and literacy coach, she spent much of her thirty-five-year career teaching teachers to teach writing to students with disabilities. Their unique characteristics inspired the version of Sherlock Holmes in her first book, Rare and Wonderfully Made, with Improbable Press.

You can find Kameo on Twitter and Tumblr as KameoDouglas. She lives with her remarkable son and their three-legged dog, in Brooklyn, New York.

Praise for Kameo Llyn Douglas

"Thank you so much, dear Kameo…
going to re-read your book, again
and again and again"
- Celine

"Douglas gives grace to her neuroatypical
Sherlock…[and] captures the essence of
a rare and wonderful character
Arden Hunter

"The authors love for the characters
really shines through

- Rebekah