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Yvonne Knop

A black and white photo of writer Yvonne Knop, author of the novel A Case of Madness

Yvonne is a bi and nonbinary writer who dedicates their free time to extending the secret Gay Agenda – in part through their debut novel A Case of Madness.

Although born and raised in the north of Germany, Yvonne’s passion for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, their sassy humor, and aversion to talking on public transport made them suspiciously British from early on.

As a natural matter of cause and effect, Yvonne moved to London in 2014 and started to write (a novel for the drawer). No word was written until 2017 when the sudden question of ‘What if I could talk to Sherlock Holmes?’ came up to them.

Conducting PhD research in the world’s most extensive Sherlock Holmes collection, located in Minneapolis, USA, was a great help for answering that question. The result was not a PhD, but their debut novel A Case of Madness, originally written in German and in a bold move translated by the author themselves when nobody in Germany understood a word they were saying.

You can find them on Instagram and Twitter.

Praise for Yvonne Knop

"Yvonne's writing is hopeful and funny…
and shows the black and white moments
that balance our lives"
Bella Miller

"You can see the passion put
into writing this book"
Adrianna Sophia Books,
about A Case of Madness

"[Yvonne] has a great eye for locations but
an incredible way of describing the human condition"

Ollie Hicks

"Yvonne captured the soul and essence
of my lifelong favourite character"
Remy M Maisel