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The Nosy Detectives

The Nosy Detectives


A Barking Mad Mystery

The Nosy Detectives agency is like no other.

For a start, one of the detectives is a dog called Monty, a rescued Golden Retriever with a heart of gold and a super-smart nose.

Monty’s human is Rose Sidebottom, an ex-copper, with an uncanny ability to know when a suspect is lying.

And Ollie Fernsby is a teenage super-geek and inventor of the rat-cam. They make a great team.

There is just one problem – no clients.

Then one day, Phyllis O’Neal, a grumpy grandmother from the village of Nether Wallop, offers them an unsolved cold case they can’t refuse: who really lit the fire that killed Tony and Marie Toyne? The surviving son and only witness, Finn, hasn’t spoken since that terrible night.

Monty sets out to locate a forgotten second witness, a dog called Panda, who might recognise the arsonist if she had a good sniff. The tricky case gets harder when Rose is distracted by a handsome fire-scene investigator.

Can Monty get Rose back on track? Is Tiffany the giant cat friend or foe? And why is the whole village lying about the night of the fire?

Can the pawfect murder be solved in Louisa Bennet's The Nosy Detectives?

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