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Sneak Peek: Ghost Story by G.V. Pearce

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Ghost Story by G.V. Pearce
Plant pots crowded every flat surface and hung from the ceiling in stalactites of dusty macramé.
Most of the plants had died long ago and crumbled to dust, though a courageous mint sitting by the kitchen sink had managed to send a runner down the drain and had since taken over half the counter. It smelled fantastic, which really wasn’t what John had been expecting.
‘One of everything,’ Sherlock observed, while he peered into the old Formica kitchen cabinets.
The unexpected sound of his voice across the stillness of the room made John jump, but he managed to push down the gasp that tried to crawl up his throat.
If Sherlock noticed he didn’t comment on it. He just opened another cabinet door.


G.V. Pearce: As the title implies Ghost Story has some ghosts in it, but not just the human kind. The ghost of the past is present in every page, along with all the things – both good and bad – that might have been. At times life can be like that, when we look at the layers of dust that have settled across us all as the years go by. That’s where John is at this point in time, lost in the past and unsure of the future because the present is overwhelming.

However, hope is a theme that runs through Ghost Story like plant roots running wild. Personally I feel that hope is something we could all benefit in finding where we least expect it. Even in the most desperate and saddest of times we need to reach for the things that nourish us.

In this scene, in a home that has stood empty for decades, a mint plant has managed to flourish. Similarly John can thrive in their relationship because, while Sherlock always listens he only reacts when it's appropriate. Grand gestures aren't everything, sometimes quiet support is what keeps us going. Especially at times like these.

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