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The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

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By Narrelle M Harris Improbable Press' Atlin Merrick and Lee Harper, creator of the History Bones dioramas, are collaborating on a book for Clan Destine Press.One of the subjects in the book is the 'mother of modern forensics' and fellow-diorama-maker, Frances Glessner Lee, whose miniature crime scenes are still used to train Baltimore police detectives. Here, I review a fascinating book about the 'nutshell studies' and their creator. Book Review: The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death I first saw Corinne May Botz’s book at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York. It is a collection of art photos taken of...

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Atlin Merrick Book Reviews

I absolutely can't read how-to books about writing. It's like asking a caterpillar how she manages to control all those legs. Do that and, if she stops to think about it, she may never move again. Ever.So reading books about writing does not help me with writing, unless help is defined by overwhelming ennui and a need to binge Great British Bake-Off. So. Instead I read a lot of books about the things I write about. When I was writing Sherlock Holmes stories for breakfast, lunch, and after-dinner dessert, I adored books about science, such as: * The Science of...

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Blaize a Trail

Book Reviews Verity Burns

By Verity Burns There are hundreds of books on my bookshelves. And on the floor. In the bathroom. Piled up by my bed… It’s a collection built up over forty years and most have been read more than once – some many, many times. They are old friends. But if I had to pick one author… Just a single set of books to take with me on some mythical trip… That author would be Peter O’Donnell. Those tales would be of Modesty Blaise. It’s hard to say exactly why. The stories are action adventures. They’re exciting, often exotic, with colourful...

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