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On Creating an Indian Cryptid (and Not Quitting)

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging Fireflies and Thieves Neethu Krishnan Volume Silver

On Creating an Indian Cryptid (and Not Quitting)

By Neethu Krishnan I had never written a story featuring a fantastical creature before – that is, before my story "Fireflies and Thieves." My first impulse at the submission call for the Cryptids Emerging, anthology was to sigh and self-sabotage, citing the following reasons: * I was scantily, if at all, informed about the cryptid universe. * I stood no chance against excellent high-fantasy writers, who I pictured plucking a bunch of just-perfect drafts off their towering desk pile and sending them out into the world of sure-fire acceptance. * I could de facto eliminate the possibility of rejection by...

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