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Black Water... (Writing Prompts)

Writing Prompts

Every single week. We'll be here. With a prompt. If you need it. Even if you don't, we'll be publishing writing prompts each week to inspire something for someone. Most weeks a voice raises itself and we're delighted by wee stories, delicious tiny tales prompted from that week's prompts.   From last week's Start over… "'Do you mind?!' The merman snapped……freckles, dusted across the merman’s nose and cheeks like blue and green stars" * "Sherlock, a stone’s throw away and sitting contently on a garden bench, watched his little family. Who knew his life could be so full of love?"...

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We Want Free Books to Read — #Lockdownreading

#lockdownreading Atlin Merrick

First, we have two free ebooks for you and then we'll tell you about more! The Day They Met by me, Atlin Merrick with Improbable Press Scar Tissue by Narrelle M Harris at our mother press Clan Destine Now, over on Twitter there's a hash tag, go check it out: #lockdownreading While it doesn't point to just free books it's a resource that may carry you over for right now. That's what we're going to do here over the next couple days, only we want to share what's free out there, so do us all a favour in these trying...

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Start Over… (Writing Prompts)

Atlin Merrick Writing Prompts

What a difference a week or two makes. Sorry there wasn't a writing prompt up last week, as we know, shit got real for a lot of us. That's when Trinity College Dublin shut down, where I'm doing my masters degree, and like you I had Other Things On My Mind. Without further ado here's this week's writing prompt. I'd super duper appreciate a short comment of hello, a bit of companionship as it were, even if they don't feel inspiration brewing for this particular prompt.   Just for Writing Inspiration And a reminder, these are always and ever just...

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Feline Dictators & Home Offices


By Dee / Gowerstreet The first rule of working from home under the gaze of a Feline Dictator is that All Surfaces Belong To Her. No matter that there is an acre of sofa and two beds upstairs on which she could sprawl, not to mention the puddle of sunlight on the rug. If I am at the computer, She Who Rules will pay a visit to hunt out spelling mistakes. The funniest part is when I am using the transcription software on my laptop. If we are the only beings in the house, I simply cannot be talking to the...

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Cope and Hope (Also Known as Do Shit)

Atlin Merrick Cope and Hope Help for Writers Shouty Encouragement

This worldwide illness, losing a job, having depression…a million and one things can leave us feeling powerless. I want to share one single thing that helps me in tough times again and again. Though this thing doesn't "solve" my problems usually, it does help me cope in the meantime and if I cope I can hope, you know? When I'm feeling powerless I…do stuff. The thing I do most is write, because writing is my power. I love it, I'm good at it, I can do it anywhere or any time. After my college closed down last Wednesday—three weeks before...

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