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Oh What a Feeling—Holding Your Own Book in Your Hands

G.V. Pearce Ghost Story

G.V. Pearce, author of Ghost Story, a Sherlock Holmes mystery

* Your novel, a mystery-romance-delicious-ghost story, has been out for four months now, what does that feel like?

Time is a strange thing right now, isn’t it? Honestly it still feels really fresh to look up and see my book on the shelf. All the wonderful readers' feedback has been a much appreciated source of delight and motivation. I’m excited to see where this 'being a published author' thing goes next.

* What are you working on now?

I’ve been incredibly busy since lockdown began, but I’m pleased to say that I have managed to get some words onto the page! I just finished a short animal-focused story for Clan Destine Press that I’m really pleased with, I’m in talks with Improbable Press for another weird tale, and I’ve been developing some other plot ideas.

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Those are all rather eclectic at the moment—a demisexual romance; a sci-fi fantasy love story crossing several centuries and at least two planets; a courtship between a small town mermaid and a writer; and of course I need to find another mystery for Sherlock Holmes to solve.

* Oooh, so will this be a sequel to Ghost Story?

I think it will be, yes! I’d love to share more about their early encounters, how they fell in love, and whether John Watson manages to establish a healthy work/life balance. I believe that the events at the end of Ghost Story will have changed how John perceives London, and of course the world’s greatest detective will notice that change in his husband. What Sherlock chooses to do with that information, well, we’ll just have to find out, won’t we?

Ghost Story, an LGBT romance mystery novel set in Yorkshire

G.V. Pearce is a mysterious being said to haunt the North York Moors. Rumour has it that they can be summoned by leaving coffee in a faery circle at midnight. Ghost Story is their first novel with Improbable Press.

Improbable Press is hungry for novels, novellas, and series. If you write contemporary supernatural/urban fantasy, mysteries or adventures, if your heroes are women, LGBTQIA+, ethnic or minority people, have a look at our submission guidelines and then if your story fits, send us your something wonderful.

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