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Do you believe in ghosts? IP talks with G.V. Pearce about Ghost Story

G.V. Pearce Ghost Story Writer Interviews

Ghost Story by G.V. PearceOn Friday Improbable Press released our latest book, G.V. Pearce's Ghost Story, a Sherlock Holmes and John Watson mystery, wrapped in a romance, inside a ghost story.

A captivating mystery, Ghost Story is also "a story about acceptance—not only of bad things, sad and painful things, but also about acceptance of gifts, and impossible luck, and your loved ones."

IP's editor Atlin Merrick talked with G.V. Pearce about their book, and of course she had to start with the coolest question…

* G.V., do you believe in ghosts?

I believe the universe is far more complicated and ridiculous than we can possibly imagine, but its fun to see how far our imaginations can go. However if the ghost in the attic asks—I definitely believe in him, and I'd appreciate my keys back.

* Can you ask him where my library card is please? Also…was the cat in the story modeled after a cat you know?

It would be more accurate to say that she is modeled after every cat I've ever met. Cats have far more sense than humans, they know ghosts are real. That's what they're staring at in 'empty' rooms.

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* What did you love about telling this story?

They say that people don't really see the cities they visit, because we rarely take the time to look at the details above street level-I think the lives of others can be like that too. We see a name on a gravestone, or on a sun-faded letter, but that doesn't mean we know the whole of that person's life. There's so much more to everyone if we just take the time to look.

* Why do you think Sherlock Holmes continues to endure?

Sherlock is an outsider making sense of the world in a way that shows us more than we might notice on our own, and he revels in sharing that with John. I think we all want someone who helps us see more in the world than we did before we met them.

G.V. PearceG.V. Pearce is a mysterious being said to haunt the North York Moors, but is otherwise as yet unclassified by science. Rumour has it that they can be summoned by leaving coffee in a faery circle at midnight.

Curious about G.V. Pearce's first novel with Improbable Press? Check out Ghost Story here.

Improbable Press strives to tell the stories of women, people of colour, those who are disabled, LGBT+, we want stories of adventure, romance, mystery or the supernatural, we want your story. Read our submission guidelines, then send us your tall tale.

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  • Verena on

    “I think we all want someone who helps us see more in the world than we did before we met them.”

    It’s a beautiful thing when someone else’s way to view the world widens your own worldview!

  • Narrelle Harris on

    What a lovely interview! I tell myself I don’t believe in ghosts, but then my imagination suggests otherwise. Can’t wait to read the book!!

  • VeggieZombie on

    And humans perceive in narrow bands of sensitivity, and human brains do so much filling in of what’s expected that we can miss that ghost messing with the dishes because they’re not expected!

    Fun fact: cats see further into the ultraviolet, and hear much higher frequencies than humans!

  • Janet on

    I really like the sound of this book. I’m a bit nervous of ghost stories, in general, because I spook easily, but I think I could put that on one side for a Sherlock Holmes ghost story. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

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