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Rare and Wonderfully Made

Rare and Wonderfully Made


"Loved everything about this book"

Diagnosed autistic at an early age, Sherlock Holmes is on the outer edge of every curve.

From his birth to his unique adulthood, Sherlock finds his immeasurable gifts of observation and deduction overbalanced by struggles with his senses and the incomprehensible nature of humanity.

Though nourished and cherished by his family, they cannot protect him forever, so Sherlock exiles himself, alone and always observing.

Then he meets Dr John Watson. John takes Sherlock's hand, pulls him close, and together doctor and detective fall in love.

Kameo Llyn Douglas' Rare and Wonderfully Made brings a timeless character into our modern age and wonders…what if?

Praise for Rare and Wonderfully Made

"Trust me. The writing/story is the same as the title –
rare & wonderfully made. Treat yourself to it"
Mort Rogue

"woven together into a character study of a uniquely
sensitive and extraordinarily brave Sherlock Holmes"
Sarah Tollok

"I absolutely couldn’t put it down!
Highly recommended for fans of Sherlock Holmes!
–  Heather, Director 221B Con

"This is a gem…marvelous story
…I enjoyed this immensely"
Lisbeth Kvisten

"Thoughtful, moving, insightful.
A loving exploration of a life on the Spectrum"

- Narrelle M Harris

"Wow. I cried…for the first time since I know
about my son's ASD: I feel understood
and not alone anymore"
- Celine

"The book was so beautifully written;
once I started it I couldn’t put it down…
Sherlock fans will love this"
- Sandra Fabiani

"A fascinating look inside the life of iconic
detective Sherlock Holmes"

- Kyndall Potts

"I recommend this book to anyone
who loves ACD’s characters"
Arden Hunter

"The writing is exquisite"


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