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Anna Karenina Isn't Dead — The new lives of literary legends

A dark cover with three women's faces and the title Anna Karenina Isn't Dead

Welcome to the rewritten lives of thirty-two literary legends.

If you want 'literature' with a bit of bite and brightness too, Anna Karenina Isn't Dead is the anthology for you.

From Russia's Anna Karenina to Vietnam's Lady Trieu, from Cio-Cio-San to Frankenstein's second creature, suffering, madness, or death is the fate of far too many women in classic literature. Well the Anna Karenina Isn't Dead anthology undoes that.

These are the reimagined tales of the famous, the infamous, the barely mentioned women in myths, poems, and legends. These are the stories of the Lady in Black, Wendy Darling, Dido, and many more, each getting a better journey than the one she originally got.

Here Anna Karenina and her literary kin are not dead. Very far from it.

Anna Karenina Isn't Dead – ebook or paperback – is 20% off until February 29.