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Bo Starsky

Bo Starsky writer of the novella In Full Uniform

Bo Starsky is a very gay entity living in a very small town by a fjord in Norway.

They are of the opinion that there isn’t enough LGBT+ fiction that have happy endings. This is why this book exists, and hopefully what drew you to it.

When not writing, Bo spends their days fostering cats and keeping company with their exotic pets, Noodle the parrot and Cannoli the python. Neither of which are helpful to the actual writing part of writing stories as they are too cute to ignore.

Along with writing books, you can find Bo writing fic on Archive of Our Own under the same name.

In Full Uniform a novella of four short stories about falling for men in uniform, is Bo's first book with Improbable Press.

Praise for Bo Starsky

"This writer is so good. If you're into LGBT+ fiction
with happy endings, please check out his first book!"