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Eye of the Beholder… (Writing Prompts)

Atlin Merrick Writing Prompts

Here's our next writing prompt to inspire you. Who knows, maybe you'll start your most famous book right here, sell it for millions! YAY!

Every Thursday Writing Prompts Go Live!

Post the results of your creativity below in the comments if you so wish. They were fantastic to read last week. Write about whatever moves you, whether original or fandom or a mix.

You do you!

Eye of the Beholder… Picture Prompt

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  • Atlin on

    Anarion, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. You already know this because I shouted in your actual Skype face about it.


  • Anarion on

    Argram moved through the building‘s structure with a lot of care. The walls were too close together for their body, the wings kept scraping against the ceiling and they had trouble getting used to stairs.

    They weren’t fond of the bi-seasonal meeting, but each species had to send one representative and for some reason the Lifegiver always picked Argram when it was held on the humans’ planet.

    These bipeds really were a weird species. When they took over the unclaimed planet, they started building their housing by drilling into the ground. Then they erected thick walls until the buildings looked like a herd of crouching quorca . The need to be shielded from light and air was truly disturbing to most other inhabitants of this galaxy.

    For someone used to lofty and soaring housing, as was apt for a flying species, these buildings held no appeal. Argram’s favourite place was the top of the tower, especially since the humans had agreed to remove the stupid pointy things that their flags used to be hoisted on, so it was safe to land without jeopardising one of one’s four wings. As if anybody would question which species the ugly thing belonged to.

    But, as one of the sayings that their assigned human had taught them went: Beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

  • Atlin on

    *gestures madly at Honeyed Moon while sobbing in glee

    I’m going to need your mum’s email Moon, so I can send her photos Hux has sent me of his favourite bite marks on Kylo’s thighs. It’s the only proper thanks for inspiring her daughter to write such delights.

  • The Honeyed Moon on

    I felt like limericking today. I was taught how write a limerick by my mother… who only knew how to do naughty ones. So, this one’s for you, Daisy!

    A prince locked in a castle keep,
    For beauty that could cause one to weep,
    Was handled with care,
    With a fist in his hair,
    While Hux fucked him long, slow, and deep.

    First Order General Armitage Hux,
    Whose sexual appetites were very delux,
    His stamina shan’t flag,
    On a cock he won’t gag,
    And he likes to be kissed while he’s fucked.

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