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NASA, SpaceX, and Diversity—When You're Not the Only One

Atlin Merrick Diversity in Fiction Shouty Encouragement

When you're not the only one — or the crazy-pants importance of diversity, in strengthening a dream by seeing others DO.

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Disability, Differently-Abled and the Weight of Words

Atlin Merrick Differently-albled Disability Disabled Diversity in Fiction

Improbable Press' submission guidelines as for books, novellas about differently-abled, neurodivergent, and LGBTQIA+ characters. Those words are mine, Atlin Merrick's, and I have a question for you about the phrase differently-abled. My idea behind that term to broaden the scope of what writers might think of as disabled. By differently-abled I wanted to include my friend with almost-daily migraines, a person with chronic anxiety or depression, as well as a person with a wheelchair or born without a left hand. Disabled Fiction, Differently-Abled Fiction…Or? I did not ask disabled people for their thoughts on the phrasing, something recently pointed out...

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