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Craving Dark Cheer (Everyone Loves a Cryptid)

Atlin Merrick Cryptid Anthology The Veldt

Craving Dark Cheer (Everyone Loves a Cryptid)

By Atlin Merrick EVERYONE LOVES CRYPTIDS! I’m sorry-not-sorry for yelling at you. Except— Everyone loves a cryptid! —that. That's the conclusion I come to after we closed our call for submissions for what will be our anthology Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging. Because for that single anthology we got 450 stories. And that's a slightly conservative count since many of the emails contain more than one story and do you know why? You Love Cryptids Over the five months of the open call we received submissions daily, story after story of cryptids both 'known' – hello Jersey devil, Mothman, and mermaid!...

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