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The Hanging Tree… (Writing Prompts)

Atlin Merrick Writing Prompts

So many wonderful stories for the previous writing prompts!

"I watch you while you sleep, watch your scales changing colour as you dream. Are you dreaming of me?"


'Some things in me will never change. You’re still the venom, and you’re still running through my veins.'


'"It’s…fascinating how the…threat of…losing something…precious, losing you, made everything so…clear to me. I’m…so…sorry, John. Now…please…kiss…me…before I…pass out."'


'"Then open your lungs, my dear fire siren. Your song will lead them to their deaths…"'

And much more! Such delicious stories, won't you tell some more?

These Writing Prompts Will Be Up Every Thursday…

…and we welcome any length, any fandom, any original story you want to tell. And of course you own what you write and may do what you with with your snippet after sharing it here.

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The Hanging Tree… (Picture Prompt)

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  • Anarion on

    The computer shows me a list of attractions on this planet.
    • Golgotha
    • Mecca
    • The hanging tree

    I blink at the first two. Clearly the local dialect is a bit too much for my OTT.

    “Beth, my otty seems to be faulty. We’ll have to check it when I get back.”

    The board computer beeps and then replies, “Sure thing. Setting a reminder to check your Optical Translator Tool.”

    I exit the ship and walk into a wall of heat. Humidity is high and it takes me a few minutes in the shade of one of the exclusively round buildings to acclimatise. I look at the map with the sights again, trying to figure out where to go when something gently taps my knee.

    It’s one member of one of the species that live here. To me they look like tiny people made of clouds, with four brilliantly shining purple eyes.

    They blink at me and then reach for the map. I let go and the map disappears into the cloud. They chitter something, sounds that will remain untranslated until my Audio Translator Tool can catch up.

    I assume we just agreed to go sight-seeing together and follow them out into the blazing light of the two suns.

    The little creature running ahead and impatiently waiting for me to catch up while hopping on the spot reminds me of a little girl I once knew. Yes, I know other species have different or sometimes no gender classifications and what do I know, they might be 500 years old. Still.

    When I return a few earth hours later, Beth fixes my otty while we chat about my day.

    “You seem to have bonded with one of the local residents. Might I remind you that you need to train new crew?”

    “We are not taking anybody on, Beth.”


    I will forever be amazed at the fact that my board computer can pout.

    But Beth is right, I need to train new crew, because the farther out we get, the less likely it is that we will meet any kind of life. So I’m not even cross when Beth announces three hours after departure that we have a stowaway on board.

  • Anarion on

    “Golgotha’’, which will likely back “Mecca” as a b-side, is something like a prayer married to a ransom note. "

    This is a glorious description and I WANT TO HEAR THAT SONG!!!

  • Atlin on


    Do you write record reviews? You do don’t you? Or you’re Lila X. And/or. Both. Both is good.

  • The Honeyed Moon on

    Music Scene Magazine: Issue #31, Feb 15, 1983.

    “Alien Life”, The Second Album from Persephone’s Revenge, Out This April.

    by: Iris Owens

    Persephone’s Revenge (Lila X, Rona Martin, Daisy Bang, Martha Mann) is set to release their second album, “Alien Life”. This is the follow-up to their amazing debut effort, “Hell Is Overrated”, and from what I’ve heard of it so far, it is poised to be an even bigger hit-generator.

    The first single, “Mecca”, is a scathing commentary on rampant consumerism that is set in a shopping mall. Daisy Bang’s driving drum beat backs the clean guitar playing of Lila X, and Rona Martin’s vocals come at you like a high-balling freight train; they leave the listener bruised, but somehow wanting more.

    “Golgotha’’, which will likely back “Mecca” as a b-side, is something like a prayer married to a ransom note. The place you take me / the place of the skull / bury me deep / bury me well / I’ll come for you / you know I will. Bassist/lyricist Martha Mann is firing on all cylinders, not only on this track, but the whole album.

    The most surprising track however, is a cover of Marty Robbins’ sorrowful country ballad “The Hanging Tree”. Lila, Daisy, Martha and Rona sing this together, harmonizing beautifully over Lila’s subtle finger-picking guitar playing. This could be a cross-over release for them that may very well net them a Grammy and a Country Music Association Award.

    “Alien Life” is set for an April 13th release date and, in my opinion, will go platinum by the end of the month. Do yourself a great favor and pick up a copy.


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