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Why Book Reviews Mean the World

Atlin Merrick Reviewing Books

A quick note today, dashing in and out to say:

So long as you have something to say about a book, won't you please say it?

Reviews mean the world to writers and their publisher. It's one way we know people are there, engaging with what we're sharing. Sure, yes, we hope for good reviews but even less than stellar ones can help someone like me, the commissioning editor for Improbable Press, understand the tastes of the audiences I've reached.


Do you believe in ghosts?
How My Fascination With Storytelling Began

What I'm trying to say is if you don't like a book, your review should by all means say that. Forget me and the writer, please make your review useful for other readers. If you love it, why did you love it? If there was something wrong, what?

I promise you even one star reviews are good. It maybe pains us to see one star, but it's always better than no review. Truly. We want, quite honestly, to rack up numbers, too. As a reader I will always consider a book with seven reviews of various stars before I'll look at a book with two five star reviews. The one with seven reviews that include two one star reviews? It's more real, I feel I can trust it.

I know few of us have time for all the things we could do but if you find yourself with a minute to spare, review the last book you've read please. On Goodreads, on Amazon, on your own blog, on Twitter. A review need not be long to be amazing, engaging, educational.

Now I'll share a few reviews we've got for our latest book Ghost Story by G.V. Pearce, and hope that they engage and educate!

"GV Pearce has written us a wonderfully atmospheric,
beautifully paced book…It is in turns poignant,
charming, funny and unsettling, but it’s deftly
wound together in a conclusion that satisfies…"
— Narrelle M Harris ★★★★★

"The story is beautifully constructed…[it] is a story
about acceptance – not only of bad things,
sad and painful things, but also about
acceptance of gifts, and impossible luck..."
— Božena Čechalová ★★★★★

"My only issue is I wanted more..."
— Cindy Delbridge Winslow ★★★★

"A ghost story, beautifully told..."
— Ali Coyle ★★★★★

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