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Nudity, Corduroy & Dastardly Adulthood – with Jamie Ashbird and Janet Anderton

Jamie Ashbird Janet Anderton

Janet Anderton & Jamie Ashbird A Question of TimeI asked two creators how they felt about working together on their first collaboration for Improbable Press, the millennia-spanning Sherlock Holmes mystery-romance, A Question of Time.

Their answers involved what it says on the tin, uh, in the title: nudity, corduroy, and dastardly adulthood. Kind of?

So Jamie, tell me what you loved about collaborating with artist Janet Anderton? And while you're at it, any words of advice for other writers?

Janet took in my naked words, fed them, gave them shelter and then dressed them in haute couture with her art.

As for advice – start. Create as though no one but you will ever see. You can decide if you want to bless the world with it once you’re done.

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Janet, what was wonderful in your collaboration with writer Jamie Ashbird? And do you have advice for other artists?

A Question of Time: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery RomanceJamie did a ton of research, each time I got an email with her latest stories to illustrate, it would usually have links to the history behind the tale. It was like being back in history class, but better, fewer corduroy jackets, and less being smacked on the back of the head with a wooden ruler for daydreaming.

If you want advice, well…keep doing what you’re doing, don’t give up.

Do it because you love it. Do it because life would not be as wonderful without it. Do it for yourself. Do it everyday. I draw every day, even if it’s in my journal and no one else will ever see it. I knew I was going to be an artist when I was a small child. I had no doubt. It’s the adult that gets IN the way. Remember what your child self was excited about and get the hell out of the way of them doing it!

Glamour shots of A Question of Time provided by its artist, Janet Anderton!

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